Therapeutics and Prescribing

Having gained a Diploma in Therapeutics and Independent Prescribing in 2014 allows Scott to prescribe medication for the eye without the need for our patients to visit their GP.

Our practice is part of the NHS Grampian Eye Health Network which permits Scott Gilmour Optometrists to treat emergency eye problems.  If you are experiencing an eye issue phone the practice where we will endeavor to see you as a priority.  If unable we will arrange an appointment with another Optometrist who is part of the network.

We specialise in the treatment of Blepharitis and eyelid problems which can lead to dry eye symptoms. For Blepharitis, which is inflammation /bacterial infection affecting the eyelids and eyelashes we offer specialised cleaning of the eyelids and eyelashes using the BlephEx surgical micro sponge.  We also provide eyelid cleaning products to manage the Blepharitis and a range of lubricants to help with discomfort.

The practice has close links with Ophthalmologists who provide consultations at Albyn Hospital where private referrals can be arranged.


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