Eye Examination

With over 25 years experience of examining  eyes, Scott provides a thorough, professional eye examination to all patients.

Scott is a member of The British College of Optometrists, registered with the General Optical Council and regularly attends continued education and training courses.  He is accredited to perform children’s eye examinations by Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital and an Independent Prescriber of eye medication.

Patients who have Diabetes, Glaucoma and those over 40 with a family history of Glaucoma should be seen yearly.

Eye Examinations in Scotland are covered by the NHS for UK residents living in Scotland.

The main functions of the eye examination are:

  • To assess the health of the eye, which is the most important aspect of the examination as many general health conditions are detected from the eye e.g. Diabetes, Raised Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Glaucoma.
  • To assess how well the eyes work together (Binocular vision).
  • To assess vision and prescribe spectacles / contact lenses ONLY if required.


At the advice of Scott, a machine called a Tonometer will be used to determine the intra-ocular pressure of the eye-ball.

Digital Retinal Photography

A state of the art camera allowing the retina to be photographed with the results stored on computer for future reference. This is an excellent diagnostic instrument that allows us to see changes occurring in the eyes over many years.