Contact Lenses

Are contact lenses right for you?

These days there are very few people who are unsuitable for contact lenses.  At Scott Gilmour Optometrists we provide a full contact lens fitting and aftercare service to all age groups ensuring you are wearing the best type for your eyes, lifestyle and needs.

What are the advantages and benefits ?

  • Clear, unobstructed vision.
  • Freedom from glasses.
  • No steaming up.
  • Ideal for sports.
  • Occasional or full time wear.
  • Daily disposables require no cleaning.
  • Can correct astigmatism.
  • Available in multifocals.
  • Available in different colours to enhance or change colour of eye.

Can children and teenagers wear contact lenses?

Yes. Contact lenses can make a real difference to your child's life.  The benefits include all round vision, more freedom in physical activities and boost self - esteem.
If children and teenagers don't like the way they look in spectacles, it can affect their confidence, their personality and even their performance at school.
Contact lenses can have a positive effect and improve how they feel about themselves.  

Contact lens types.

Soft disposable lenses.

Daily, fortnightly and monthly replacement cycles are popular, with daily disposables being the most favoured.  Available in two types of material, hydrogels and silicone hydrogels.  These offer safe, comfortable wearing times depending on your needs.

Lenses for Astigmatism (Toric lenses)

Available in most prescriptions in daily, fortnightly and monthly replacements.  Modern designs give great comfort combined with very stable vision.  Almost everyone with astigmatism can now easily wear contact lenses.

Bifocal/ Multifocals Lenses (Presbyopia lenses)

Recent and ongoing technology in multifocal contact lens design means that we no longer have to resort to glasses with advancing age.  New combinations of materials and lens designs have made wearing multifocal contact lenses a real option for the majority of presbyopes.

Coloured Lenses

These lenses change or enhance the colour of your eyes. Available in daily and monthly disposable form.

Rigid/ Gas Permeable Lenses

Although not as popular nowadays as soft lenses they are more durable and can be used to correct more complex prescriptions.